Banana leaf
This image is a simplified or decorated banana leaf which could be complete or incomplete

Black-work (black-weaving)
A group of Systan patterns, which their dominant color is mostly black and other dark colors, like egg-plant, dark Gaz-flower, and red. In such a ground, Medallions, Modakhel margins or panels with white corners, reveal more.

The main pattern is mostly Medallion-Medallion, Three Medallion (Semi-Medallion) and rarely Single-Medallion Terracotta. Ground is decorated by main basic images (like Vase) and secondary basic images (like Deer, Chain let, Parreh-Jolak, Kajak and Chitak). Pattern's main margins are Modakhel, Sign, Tarantula, Parreh-Jolaki and rarely litter. The secondary margins are Bourak, Chain let, Rakesh, Apple, Jovak, Kajak and Modakhel.

Basic image in the shape of two intersecting bands, which make five squares, lozenges or parallelograms.

Carpet margin composed of repetition of one Boss and Branch, Tree and Flower or four "Khalak"s between two Pairs of Bride's eyebrows.

1- Basic image in form of two triangle rows with parallel bases, which sometimes their corners are alternately placed in two sides of bases and connected to the margin line or to a chained image.
2- Rarely Butterfly.

Basic image in shape of a branch with leaf, flower or secondary branches. Usually is used in tree and Vase, image.

Bride's Eyebrows
A basic image in the shape of bow or short broken line which could be either bend or have an upward or down word bow or corner. It might be single or repeated, above or next to each other. A vertical line sometimes passes the middle part of the eyebrows rows.


Basic image in the shape of two triangles, which are either complete or with broken corners. These triangles are connected to each other form a sharp or broken corner. Sometimes tiny decorations accompany the Butterfly, too.



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