Cat-Foot (Hammer or Horn)

Camel image is a simplified or decorated camel shape.

Chain (Hook)

1- Basic image in the form of double-headed hook, curved or broken line.

2- Basic image in the form of broken or curved line.

Chain let
1- Tiny basic images like Jovak or Tiny Flowers, which are repeated one after another. It is used in ground, margin or images like Vase.
2- Margin strips produced by repetition of reiterated basic images.

Basic image in the form of two connected Ghoochak shapes.

Margin in the shape of oblique leaves so that each two of them have connected heads and saw-tooth is produced in the space between them.

Chapat-e-Ostor, Chapat
Main images in this pattern are chapate-e-oshtor which accompany chapat-e-ostor flower and a complete or half lozenge flower.
The carpet ground is usually dyed in, red shades, brown, orange, white and black. Margin is not very wide.
Three Chapat-e-Oshtor are usually repeated along the width and also six to eight ones along the length of the ground.

Chapat-e-Oshtor Flower
Images in the form of two terracotta, which are connected to each other at one of their common corners. At the connection, there is a quadrangular shape embraced by two “T” shape images (in laying position) at two sides.
The stem of each “T” shape ends to an umbrella in the space between two main terracotta. Two “Mojolk's” decorate each umbrella. There is also a Mojolk at top and bottom of the middle quadrangular shape and next to that.
There is a simple or designed triangle. Tiny terracotta is at the top corner of images. This images are a little different from “Shiraz” and they are only used among the main flowers in Chapat-e-Oshtor pattern.

Patterns of rug, bolster or little weavings with big lozenges in oblique rows and various colors. There are usually four lozenge “Khalak's" in each big lozenge, Margins from outside to inside are usually Bourak, Jovak, Wavy and Bride’s eyebrows. Common colors are brown, black, orange, red, and white.

Chest, Flower’s Chest
Part of a Vase upper than the neck and lower than “Takhtak’s”.

An occupying basic image in the shape of squares or lozenges (maximum 6), one within the other.



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