Basic image in the shape of rectangle, Square, Parallelogram or Pentagon, Which may contain another basic image like Leaf. In fact it is not Systan term, but since it is a common basic image-nameless- in Systan, its general name is also used here.

Leaf (Balgak)
A simplified leaf image which is often used in margin.

Basic image in the shape of a neat wavy broken line ( Straight lines and corners instead of curves) and each upward or downward “Batn” contains a triangle or triangle shape image . It has different ways of decoration, specially with Morghak. In the past, litter image was used in both ground and main margin, but today it is only used in main margin.

Old pattern with litter as its main basic image. In carpet ground, a single or multi-groups of large litters are seen one after another, and smaller ones are in main margin. Secondary margins are mostly Chain let, Karchok, Bourak and Jovak. Ground colors are usually Madder or Gaz flower and images colors are black, brown, yellow and orange. Today this pattern is rarely woven.

Little leaf (Balgak or Sik)
Margin, which is an alternately repetition of a simplified leaf of Moghilan thorn paisley and a triangle.

Name of a group of carpet margins, like Tiny lozenge, lozenge star, Lozenge and lantern, which their main basic image is lozenge accompanying other basic images.

Lozenge and Lantern
Margin in the form of repeating lozenges, which two corners of each one is connected to the margin lines and the other two corners are either connected to the adjacent lozenges, or with a little distance from them.

Lozenge Chainlet
Basic image or margin in the form of repetition of tiny lozenges.

Lozenge-Flower, Lozenge
Various images with the general shape of a lozenge and decorations that sometimes make it exactly like a flower.


Margin in the form of the repetition of one communicating lozenge and one star, accompanying tiny occupying basic images like Latteh.



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