Basic image for both rug and kilim, which consists of two symmetrical parts. Each part is composed of one straight line and one Ghoochak perpendicular to its middle point and two symmetrical Hooks at two ends of it, which are bigger than Ghoochak’s horns, but similar to them and in the same direction.

The main images of ground, which basic images are two types; Either completely repeated Madadkhani Flower or with one lozenge flower in the middle of every four Madadkhani flowers. Margins are not very wide. The ground color is usually dark red and flowers are white, green, navy blue and orange. There are usually four Madadkhani flowers along the width and at most twelve flowers (in carpets) along the length.

Carpet image in the form of a multi-sided flower (usually a long octagon), which is divided into four parts at the center, so that each two of them are symmetrical and connected from one corner. Each one of these division is again divided into two parts regarding their contrast colors. Each interior section is decorated with two and each exterior one with three Hen-legs. Each one of the four sections of MadadKhani-flower is called “Nimkat”. Flower is sometimes surrounded by a Morghak shape margin. Size of flower differs regarding the pattern and its length is between 15 to 30 cm.

Medallion-Medallion (Toranj-Toranj)
pattern with a row of terracotta (Medallion) in the middle of ground. Medallions might be communicating with a chitak, Sign (Neshan) Tarantula or saucer shape middle medallion. It is rarely possible to have a half-medallion near the margin. Decorative basic images like Deer, Chitak, Floret and Hook are used in carpet ground. Usually, there are numerous margins in this pattern. Litter, Sign, Tarantula, Flowered, Lozenge-Star, Parreh-Jolaki, Chainlet and Latteh are used in main margins. Branches, Apple and kajak are used in secondary margins.

A margin consisting of symmetrical and communicating images, such as Karchok and Modakhel’s Kajak.

A basic image characterized by five corner to corner little squares. (Mojolk is the name of a bone, which is called “Ghap” in Persian.)

Morghak, Hook
Part of basic image in the shape of a short broken line or a narrow angle. It is smaller than Chain and Bride’s eyebrows.



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