Nail (Shakhok)
1- Basic image in the shape of little lozenge at the end of a short line.
2- Margin in the form of repeated nails with their stems perpendicular to line.

An eight-leaved flower shape basic image, which its leaves are usually lozenge or parallelogram, so that the flower looks longer along one of the diagonals.

Trefoil shape basic image, which reminds Jolak leaves. It could be with a completely plain inside or in from of a central square having four rectangles around, which make its leaves longer than Boss.

Repetition of two hen’s chest, head and neck, which are reversal connected to each other and a line passes through the middle of all pairs of hen’s. This image is used in carpet, kilim and needle-lace margins.

A basic octagon image, which its four sides have zigzag shape.

Prayer Rug
A small rug, kilim or Palas with Mihrab image, which is used for prayer. The main pattern is Mihrabi and is mostly used in little rugs for prayer. Images like tree, Minaret, Dome, Flower, and plant, Hand and large images like Mardkhani or Chapat-e-Oshtor are used. In older samples litter, Cloth Flower, Dood-e-ney and tinier basic images like Chitak and Parreh-Jolak were used. The main margin is generally margins are Chainlet, lozenge and Bourak.

Round flower (Bun)
Basic image in the shape of a flower with eight lozenge petals, and very similar to an octagon, but symmetrical in all directions.

It is a pattern with one or some repeated images like Terracotta and Medallion-Medallion.



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