Takhtak (Flower’s Takhtak)
This basic image is in the shape of lozenge or square and containing “+” or “X” sign in it. It is mostly used in Vase image and is placed above the chest.

Basic image in the shape of a simplified Tarantula or spider in various forms, like two lozenges, one within the other, with eight “Morghak”.

Terracotta (Kheshteh)

Medallion or the central image is usually a terracotta shape (square or lozenge), which has a simple pattern.

Margins are usually Jovak and Karchek and the middle Medallion is lozenge, Chitak or sign.

In small carpets, the middle Medallion could be Solar Gul.
The space between margin and middle Medallion is filled with tiny images or carpet flowers with a closed geometrical shape such as, Madadkhani flower and lozenge flower.

Terracotta with umbrella
These images look like a Terracotta with toothed or stair shape sides, which contains a quadrangular shape at its center. This quadrangular shape contains a sign or another image and there are four umbrellas at four sides.

Terracotta (Kheshti)
This pattern is:
1- communicating Medallion accompanied by some images like Vase, Chain, Deer, Multi-petal flowers, Floret and Khalak in ground.
2- Corner-Medallion pattern that its corners images are different from Medallion.
In small carpets with (2) pattern, corners usually fill the ground so that there is not enough space for other basic images; in large carpets, images like Vase, Floret, Chain, Deer, Multi-petal flowers and Four-short branches fill the ground.
Sometimes corner itself includes image or large basic images like Terracotta (Kheshteh) or Chapat-e- Oshtor, which could be with or without basic images. Main margins in both Terracotta designs are Litter, Multi-Petal flowers, four-short branches, Modakhel, Parreh-Jolak; and secondary margins are: Karchok, Rakesh, Bourak and Chain.

1- Pattern, which its only or one of their main elements is Tree-leaves image. Three-leaves pattern could be in fact Vase or Dome, but because of including the Three-Leaves basic image is called as mentioned.
2- Image with the shape of a three-toothed flower resembling a Tulip. Sometimes it is like a lozenge with a slight decoration inside a ring or a little ring in stem.

Three-Medallion (Semi-Medallion)
Rug pattern containing three Medallion in ground. Four Semi-Medallions are between medallions and connected to margin. Medallions and Semi-Medallions might be communicating.

The middle medallion is usually Floret, Sign or Tarantula. Main margin is Litter, Sign, Tarantula, Flowered or Chain; a secondary margins are Bourak, Apple, Chain, Karchok and Modakhel.

Three-short branches
In this basic image, there are two Parallel lines and a third line Perpendicular to them.

Tiny Flower
More occupying basic image in the shape of little Four-Petaled flower, square, lozenge or Hexagon.

Tiny Lozenge
Margin, consists of tiny lozenges, coming one after another.

Tirreh (Tirreh-ye-gul)
part of vase image, which is a narrow line or a designed band that divides it into right an left section.

Basic image in the shape of simplified or decorated shapes of various types of trees, which are either in different forms or completely symmetrical.

The main basic image of this pattern is one or some types of trees. Occupying basic images, like Deer, Star, Four-short branches, Chain, Tiny Flowers, are used in this pattern. Main margins are Lozenge, Modakhel, Lozenge-star, Floret, Flowered, and secondary margins are Bourak, Chain, Kachek, Modakhel and Apple. Colors are Gaz flower, Madder, white, blue, yellow and black.

Tokhak, Toghak
It is a Systan carpet’s basic image in the shape of a complete or incomplete, round or oval, almost oval, almost hexagon or octagon and plain ring.
Its decorated type is called Tokhaki.

Tokhaki, Toghaki
Basic image with general pattern of a plain Tokhak or one which is decorated by Morghak, Khalak or star.

Images in the form of tree or paisley with along stem, which sometimes is almost as long as the ground length and branches all around, that each has one has at least one leaf (for instance vine leaf). Stem and branches are decorated by Khalak.



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