Costumer's taste has important role in carpet's design in Tabriz. They update old designs, so could sell their rugs better and this is one of the reasons of Tabriz carpet flourish in carpet trading.

Unlike the other regions, Tabriz weaver does not fanatically limit himself. He (she) uses all beautiful images and combines various designs and finally creates a design, which each part of it belongs to a different region.

Combination of Kerman medallion, Meshed corner and Kashan margin, creates attractive and beautiful designs for Tabriz weaving. Some of these designs keep their particularities and are not very different from their origin. Therefore, there are not few cases that is said "Tabriz rug with Kashan design", "Tabriz rug with Isfahan images"...

The most famous Tabriz design is "Fish" with a medallion inside. Common images in Tabriz are Arabesque, Palmette flower and corner-medallion, that all-over flower, types of hunting, Sheikh Safi, Scenery, underground, four seasons, Cashmere paisley, types of fish, tree, vase, frame, Hennah flower, Gul Farang, tapestry, ... are added to those for main images.

Portrait designs, specially ones belong to designing masters, like Bahadori and Rassam Arabzadeh, are also woven in Tabriz.

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