Three groups of people are involved in carpet weaving. First group involves in raw material supplying; second, who involves in weaving and third group involves in carpet trading.

First group: Having temperate climate and good pasture, have resulted good husbandry in Azerbaijan. Therefore very glittery raw material supplying industries exist in Azerbaijan and its workers to experts are definitely very skillful. Secondary industries like dying, wool spinning,... have their own necessary factors, too.

Second group is divided into two main groups of designers and weavers, each contains workers to experts in hierarchical organization.

Regarding skill and creativity, labor and physical strength, workers of Tabriz carpet weaving are in a high level. For instance these workers can weave 8000 knots per day on average and there are also some workers, who have woven 15000 knots per day.

Instead of individual weaving at home, weaving in Tabriz is mostly done in workshops, containing about 100 looms. According to the recent statistics (1998), 32150 weavers were working on 16000 looms. Sadaqiyani, Ipakchi, Mahmoudof, Dimqani, Ordubadi, Tehranchi, Mahqani, Salmasi, Antikchi, Javan, Alabaf, Emad, Tabatabai, Nezamdoust, Pournami, Etemadi and Vahidzadeh are among the famous workshops in Tabriz.

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