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Moroccan people have been interested in handicrafts, specially kilim, since long time ago. Also other hand-made products, such as rug, have been common in this country.

In Morocco, carpet weaving is under the control of government, merchants and foreigner investors.

Like in Iran, kilim weaving is an ancient occupation in Morocco and during recent centuries carpets with long piles, which are called “Barbar”, have become common.

These carpets have simple designs with light single color. Dimensions are small, usually less than 3X2 Sq. m. Design and image of these carpets are primitive, which in Barbar carpets are simple with small images and usually brown at sides or corners.

Urban carpets are various, flowered and geometrical, also original and old, regarding the weaving age.

Wales number is low between “10” to”12” and there are 225 knots in Sq. dm. Carpets with wales “20”, which are excellent, are about 1% of the whole weavings of this country. Carpets with wales “26” are exceptions.

130x218 cm; mid 20th century



Rug in Different Countries
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