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Materials in Carpet Weaving: Types of Wool


Considering the finesse of wool, those are in 2 categories: Spring and Autumn cut wool.

1- Spring cut wool is the best, considering softness, shine, finesse and strength. Carpet woven by this wool has an outstanding softness, finesse and strength. Wool cut in the first spring of the life of a sheep, is called "The first cut wool".

2- Wool of the autumn, is obviously coarser than the first type with less flexibility and consequently, carpet woven with this wool would be coarser and harsher. These types of wool are obtained directly from animal's fur, with no chemical process.

Chemical separation of wool is accomplished in three ways:

1- Dead wool: Which is obtained from sheep after slaughtering, separated by using enzyme or lime. This wool while is coarse and harsh by itself, its flexibility becomes lower because  of lime effects and there is much difficulties during dyeing process.

2- Wool tanning with enzyme: By putrefy the roots, wool would be separated from fur.

3- Wool tanning with sweated method: By opening the holes of fur, wool would be separated  from fur.
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