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Materials in Carpet Weaving: Wool Washing


Method of wool washing is very important for dyeing. old weavers wash wool or fuzz in sweat  cold water of fountains, and use drumstick or palm leaf to clean it. Method of bowing is also important in quality of carpet. Using unwashed wool, causes darkness and different colors in carpet. Usually put wools on a wooden basket and sink in water repeatedly to wash it. It would be dried in sun. The more better washing results more strength and finesse in carpet. Some chemicals make a better polish for wool, but reduce its strength.

Different kinds of wool in related with washing, are:
1- Belly-washed wool: It is washed, before cutting, on the body of animal.
2- Semi-washed or single-washed wool, is a wool cut out of animal fur and washed by normal water.

Wool washing is done at two ways:
a) Hand washing at home with water and detergents
b) Machine washed: Mechanically washed with cleaners
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