Horizontal loom is the oldest and simplest carpet weaving set, made of wood or metal . It is used in common among clans and tribes and in some villages.

Kaju and four wooden (metallic) nails for fixing loom on the ground. Nails may take off and loom would be transferred to some other place. Nails are used as halter and mooring devices.

By these looms, they weave small rugs and coarse weaving as well as kilim and thick blankets and are not used to weave large carpets and wide rugs. Horizontal loom has advantages and defects, very effective in accordance with weavers conditions.

Advantages are:
1- Simplicity and reasonable price
2- Easy establishing, considering residence area of tribes, who live in low plains and in tents.
3- Easy to transport

Its defects are:
1- Weaver must bend over the loom, results lumbago and backache, sometimes results hypnosis and ache in hand or leg. In young women, permanently weaving carpet, prevents normal growth of pelvis, resulting abnormal delivery.
2- Since loom could not be directionally set, carpets sometimes become wry.

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