Fixed Loom (Persian Loom)

Persian stable loom, in which right pillars are inserted into the earth (floor), 35 to 40 cm., but have no space for carpet to move. Carpet is woven only at frame size. Sitting bench of weaver changes simultaneously with increasing of carpet length, i.e., sitting bench of weaver elevates so that he (she) may have an overruling position on carpet.

This type of loom is utilized in Persian regions for weaving large and fine carpets.

In fixed loom, as much as half length of carpet, yarn is reserved as provision above loom, after weaving part of the carpet, they loosen yarns above the loom and draw carpet down, gather it and sew it and again fasten remaining warps above loom. This operation should be accomplished by experienced artisans and is called expressional "Doukht Zadan"; it must be somehow to leave no trace on carpet.

In fact, working on this loom is rather difficult.

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