Turning Loom (Non-fixed-loom)

Turning loom is a type of vertical loom , in which upper beam and lower beam turn around themselves with the help of a lever and supplementary warps are wound over upper beam when carpet is woven. Supplementary warps open from upper beam and finished carpet is wrapped over lower beam.

For loosening or tightening warps, some special levers are used. On upper beam, there are two holes, vertical to each other, crossing lever through one of the holes and pulling it repeatedly. Warps become tight and tense. Lever is fastened under right pillars.

An advantage of these looms is possibility of weaving carpet to the desired length of 10 to 15 meters, without having long loom.

Defect of these looms is the impossible review of carpet, until finishing stage; also carpet may not be polished during weaving stage.

Non-fixed- loom belongs to Yazd and Kerman (Iran) weaving centers. Previously, many fine carpets were woven on turning loom, although it is more applicable for thick carpets.

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