Comb is an instrument to hammering carpet weaving. It has teeth similar to comb with wooden or metallic handle. Its size is various in different places. It weighs about 2 kg. Comb has various kinds of thick and thin that varies according to weaver and carpet specifications, such as wales number, applied and chosen for rug or kilim. Sometimes it is graded on account of its teeth number in length (like inch).

In symmetrical weaving, part of comparison of comb teeth with distances of warps through flexibility of teeth made of a springy metal, usually made of ribbon, is accomplished.

Comb in use mostly among tribal and villager weavers has a heavy, outstanding wooden handle, some 10 to 15 iron blades are fixed on its head, but one mostly used in cities is produced from metal ribbons with a width of 2 cm. placed lengthily at each other's side and are connected to the half length. That's the handle of it. The second part of blades is free to make teeth.

Comb is also used in darning, replacing knots.

Comb, sometimes, are decorated with engraving and tribal signs.

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