A knife with a grapnel on butt, is used in some regions (Azerbaijan and Western Iran) for carpet weaving. It consists of a handle, blade and hook. The latter is used to hold warps and blade to cut piles.

Species of hook are also used in darning to push pile forward or from carpet face backward. Important reminding is, that hook must be kept in parallel to warps to prevent contact between blade and warps and to prevent tearing.

Hook has various number, feature and quality:

1- Over Hook is smaller than weaving hook, used in darning to turn a pile from the face beneath.

2- Weaving Hook (Weaving Knife): The same hook used by carpet weavers to tie warp to pile.

3- Under Kook (Meshed Hook) has a turned-down head. It operates in contrary to foregoing hooks and pulls pile from before to backward; in darning works brings up pile yarn from back toward carpet pile.

4- Sarkash is a saw, to comb carpet piles after each two or three wales of weaving. Sarkash (ing) picking hair or additional filaments out of pile and after a few wales of weaving. In some parts of Iran, such as Aran and Bidgol (Kashan), it is done by fingers, which is harmful to weaver.

Sarkash, in addition to picking extra filaments from pile, makes knots smooth and uniform. when knots are tied in the back, length of piles become clear and piles of carpet seem uniform in all of the surface.

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