Massoud Graf-Hachempour


Massoud Graf-Hachempour
1956, born in Tehran, Iran
1961, migrated to West Germany
1999, living in Berlin, freelance working in visual arts

1974-1979, Education in Stuttgart
1979-1982, Free courses in Sculpture in Hanover, Bremen and Bad Boll
1982-1985, Gold-making, Dusseldorf
1985-1999, Teaching Sculpture in a private institute in Lunenburg
Since 2003, Teaching in Anthropology Museum (New National Gallery, Hamburg Railway Station, Painting Gallery)
Since 1999, freelance working in Berlin

Group Exhibitions
2001, Art Mista Gallery, Lunenburg
2001, Pussy Galore Art Gallery, Berlin
2003, "The 4 Elements" Symposium, Polour, Iran

Individual Exhibitions
2000, Art Mista Gallery, Lunenburg
2000, Berlin
2001, "Trans", Pussy Galore Art Gallery, Berlin (with Barbel Rothaar)
2003, Berlin (with Uta Jeran)
2003, "Sky", Petrikapelle, Brandenburg
2004, "Metamorphose", Boke Museum, Leer
2004, "Light Installation", Mennoniten Church, Leer
2004, "Light Installation, Orient-Occident", Fine Arts Faculty of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


(Photo: Masoud)

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