Seyed Mehdi Torabi

Iranian Sculptor
Seyed Mehdi Torabi
Born in 1962
Diploma of experimental sciences 1981, Kermanshah, Iran
Bachelor of Art 1995, Isfahan, Iran

Shahrbash engineering group art counselor, since 1998
Teacher in Art department of Jihad college, 1997 & 1998
Teacher of ceramic department of Fanni Herfei college, 1995-1997
Responsible of Decoration organization of city hall of Kermanshah, 1994-1995

Activities with Pictures

sculpture: height: 350 cm, Semnan
cement, 2001
Ferdowsi sculpture: height: 400 cm, Kermanshah, cement, 1994

Climber: height: 350 cm, Taq Bostan, Kermanshah, cement, 1996
Clay educational Sculpture: Copied from Razi sculpture of Tehran (Fanni Herfei College), 1995
Monument of the end of War: height: 900 cm, Qasr Shirin, cement, 1994
The best of human for holly wood company optic
Sculpture of couple with gypsum-band for marriage celebration
Monument of material of navy: height: 12 m, Rasht, cement, 1996
Sculpture of Fabulous Bird: height: 8 m, Ramsar, bronze, 1994
Contemporary Poet for Educational Purpose: Kermanshah, fiber glass, 1993
Sculpture of Hand: height: 12 m, Zabol, cement, 1997
Monument of Wounded of the War: height: 4 m, Kermanshah, cement, 1993
Historical Bird: Ceramic, 1999
Inlaid Work (painting with wood) for hand craft exhibition: Resin & wood

Professional Experiences

Making sculpture with different materials,
such as stone, bronze, cement, ceramic, gypsum, wood…
Design and making manufacture model ceramics and porcelain with industrial methods
Remaking of historical ancient (antiques)
Hand made pottery and making pottery kiln
Designing and perform relieves from different kinds of material
Designing and perform different wooden crafts in traditional style
Passing educational term in modern metal sculpture, making with Elizabeth Benson, in Bern, Swiss, 1990-91
Interior decoration in traditional and modern styles


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