Azita Naser Azari
Ebtekare No Pub.



Ebtekare No Pub.

Iran, Tehran
Ebtekare No Pub.
Apt. 1, Atarod Bldg., Atarod St., Near Taleqani St., Mofateh Ave, Tehran, Iran, 884 1952
Books, CD... in Persian

At last Poetry Will Kill Me, Ebrahim Torbati, Free verse, 2004, 227 pages
Baskerville, Masoud Jafari Jozani, Screenplay, 1999, 180 pages
Empty Nets, Mohammad Reza Pour Jafari, Short Stories, 2000, 99 pages
Fantasy Cards, Shahla Danesh-mand, Graphic greeting cards, 2004
Fedrico Garcia Lorca (Life, Designs & Poetry), Ali Asghar Ghara-baghi, biography, 2001, 341 pages
Verse for the Young Beginners, Masoud Khayam, A review & teaching of free verse, 2004, 300 pages
I Make Song From Silence, Pouran Kaveh, Free verse, 2004, 112 pages
I'm Cyrus, the Lord of Lights, Sayed Ali Salehi, Epic poetry, 2003, 155 pages
Mah Soltan, Houshang Jafari Joszani, Story, 2000, 119 pages
Picking Mahboube-hayeh Shab, Sayed Ali Salehi, Free verse, 2001, 225 pages
Quads Jack Montparnasse, Masoud Khayam, Memories, 2004, 223 pages
Sadi's Golestan for Youth, Masoud Khayam, Poetry, 2003, 204 pages
The Black Fish, Mohammad Vaferi, Tape, 2002, Cassette
The Love Came & Made Me Rise, Shivan Foumani, Tape, 2002, Cassette
The Prayer of a Walking Woman, Who Was Walking Alone, Sayed Ali Salehi, Tape, 2000, Cassette & CD
The Sun Charioteer (Recomposing Avesta Yashts), Sayed Ali Salehi, Poetry, 2002, 305 pages
Universal Garden, Masoud Khayam, Novel, 2002, 132 pages
Your Eyes Reap Honey, Ali Asghar Ataollahi, Free verse, 2000, 158 pages

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