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Historic Sites: Condesa & Roma Zones

Mexico City: Condesa and Roma Zones


Points of Interest in Condesa and Roma Zones

Condesa and Roma were born at the beginning of this soon-to-end century and are noted for their eclectic, art-nouveau and art-deco style buildings, which were so typical in the latter years of Porfirio Diaz presidency and immediately after Mexican Revolution.
Condesa is the Soho of Mexico City, because of its many bistro-type restaurants and throngs of artists and bohemians, who either live there or gather there.

Casa Lamm
One of the best examples of the eclectic style of the turn of the century. Today it is cultural center, so the interior is very bit as interesting as exterior. The place gets its name from U.S. architect Lewis Lamm.

Corredor Cultural de la Roma
The particular part of district that boasts the most interesting architecture is also replete with art galleries, book shops.

Edificio Basurato (Avenida Mexico 187)
Masterpiece by architect Francisco J. Serrano, built between 1940 and 1944, and harbinger for other structures of the era.

Edifico Balmori
Posh building completed in 1922 to the directions of architect Ignacio Capetillo y Servin.

Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia
Built between 1910-1912 and 1918-1925.
Striking neo-Roman facade and stained-glass windows with floral and plant motifs.




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