America: Mexico,
City of Santiago de Queretaro

Ecala House

Historic Buildings



Ecala House
State Headquarters for the DIF
(Integral Family Development Institute)

This extraordinary neo-Hispanic baroque house was built in 18th century by the governor Don Tomas Lopez de Ecala y Baquedano, facing on what today is known as the Plaza de Independencia (Independence Square).

It was the result of widely publicized dispute that motivated the governor to flaunt his victory with lavish building.

The stone, wrought iron and Talavera mosaic facade has four arches on the first story that from front porch.

There are three spacious balconies on the top floor, and the only window without balcony has stone carved draperies imitating the natural fall of cloth.

It now serves as the state offices for DIF (Integral Family Development Institute, national government sponsored family services institution).




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