Cyprus Museum
Address: Mouseiou 1
Tel.: (02) 86 58 64
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9-17; Sunday 10-13
Priceless and fascinating collections of Cypriot antiquities and treasures from Neolithic Age to Early Byzantine period.

Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia
Address: Ippokratus 17, near Laiki Geitonia
Tel.: (02) 66 14 75
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10-16:30
The historical museum of Lefkosia revives life in the capital from ancient times to the present day.

Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries
Address: Archbishop Makarios III Foundation Cultural Center within the Archbishopric, Plateia Arch. Kiprianou
Tel.: (02) 43 00 08
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-16:30; Saturday 9-13
Largest collection of icons on the island, covering the period from 9th to 18th century AD. The Art Galleries contain oil paintings, maps and lithographs.

Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus
Address: Plateia Arch. Kyprianou
Tel.: (02) 43 25 78
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-17; Saturday 10-13
(Former: Cyprus Folk Art Museum), founded by the society of Cypriote Studies
Wide collection of Cypriot folk art of 19th and early 20th century, including wood-carved objects, tapestry, embroidery, pottery, national costumes and hand-woven materials.

National Struggle Museum
Address: Near Archbishopric, Plateia Arch. Kyprianou
Tel.: (02) 30 45 50
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-14; 15-17
Documents, photos and other memorabilia of the 1955-1959 National Liberation Struggle.

Cyprus Postal Museum
Address: Agiou Savva St. 3B
Tel.: (02) 30 47 11
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-17; Saturday 10-14
Collection of Cyprus stamps from 1800 onwards. These stamps, classified internationally amongst the bests, are of significant value in world philately.

Cyprus Jewelers' Museum
Address: Praxippou 7-9 Lefkosia
Tel.: (02) 66 72 78
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-16:30
A display of traditional treasury from the end of 19th century including ornaments, religious items, silver utensils and old tools.

Museum of the History of Cypriote Coinage
Address: Stasinou 51. Agia Paraskevi, Bank of Cyprus Headquarters
Tel.: (02) 67 71 35
Opening hours: Monday 9-13: 15:30-18 (No afternoon in July and August); Tuesday-Friday 9-13
Permanent exhibition presenting the development of coinage of Cyprus from 6th century BC to the present day.

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