Larnaka District Archeological Museum
Address: At the seafront promenade
Tel.: (04) 63 01 69
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9-17; Sunday 10-13
Interesting collection of find from Larnaka area dating from the Neolithic Age to the Roman period.

The Pierides Foundation Museum
Address: Zinonos Kitieos
Tel.: (04) 65 24 95
Opening hours:
1st. Oct.-14th June: Monday-Friday 9-13, 15-18; Sunday 9-13
15th June-30th Sept.: Monday-Saturday 9-13, 16-19
The oldest privately owned museum in Cyprus, set up by Dimitrios Pierides (1811-1895). It houses ancient, medieval, Byzantine and more recent objects belonging to Pierides family.
A display case of modern Greek and Cypriot could be seen in courtyard.

Larnaka Fort-Local Mediaeval Museum
Address: Larnaka Seafront
Opening hours:
Winter: Monday-Friday 9-17
Summer: Monday-Friday 9:30-19:30
Built in 1625, it was used as a prison in the first years of British rule.
It houses District Mediaeval Museum. The fort is also used as the Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center during summer.

Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center
Address: Plateia Evropis-Seafront promenade
Tel.: (04) 65 88 48
Opening hours:
a) Municipal Gallery: Tuesday-Friday 10-13, 17-20 (Oct.-April: 10-13, 16-18); Saturday and Sunday 10-13
b) Museum of Palaeontology - Tornaritis - Pieridis: Tuesday-Friday 10-13, 17-20; Saturday 10-13
Five old Larnaka Customs warehouse, built in colonial style, have been renovated and turned into Larnaka Municipal Cultural Center. It houses Municipal Gallery and the only Paleontology Museum in Cyprus, where the ancient fossilized remains of pygmy elephants and hippopotami that once lived on the island could be seen.
The Center also has facilities for occasional exhibitions.

Municipal Museum of Natural History
Address: Approximately 500 m. north-east of Archeological Museum
Tel.: (04) 65 25 69
Opening hours:
1st June-30th Sept.: Tuesday-Sunday 10-13, 16-18
1st Oct.-31st May: Tuesday-Sunday 10-13, 15-17
Within Larnaka Municipal Gardens (Public Gardens)
The Museum has displays of rare insects, birds and animals of Cyprus.

Agios Lazaros Ecclesiastical Museum
Address: Plateia Agiou Lazarou
Tel.: (04) 65 24 89
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30-13, 14:30-17; Summer 16-18; Closed on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons)

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