Pafos District Archeological Museum
Address: Griva Digeni 43
Tel.: (06) 24 02 15
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9-17; Sunday 10-13
Attractive collection of Cypriot antiquities from Pafos area, dating from Neolithic Age to 1700 AD.

Byzantine Museum
Address: A. Ioannou 3 next to Bishopric
Tel.: (06) 23 13 93
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9-17 (June-Sept. 9-19); Saturday 9-14
An attractive collection of objects from Byzantine period, including Byzantine icons from 7th to 18th centuries and the oldest icon found yet in Cyprus of 7th or 8th century.

Ethnographical Museum
Address: Exo Vrysis 1
Tel.: (06) 23 2 10
Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday 9-13; Monday-Friday 14-17 (May-Sept. 15-19); Sunday 10-13
Interesting private collection of objects from Neolithic Age to the present day.

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