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"" is not going to add any logo or banner on its home page! We're not going to exchange links!

You can have one htm page or a gallery in the related section of your business... website. This contains a text  and photos of your business... you can add here you Logo, your email address and the address of your website... This is your page!

So, you become a member of and naturally y
our theoretical researches, articles, essays, thesis... could be posted up on the "Research" section of, under your name and your portrait.

You will be found by all main search machines, as google and yahoo, by this page.

You could add our logo to your website with a link to our homepage; please visit

- $150.00 per year

- Life Time Membership $2000
Also, this would be paid by a cheque to the name of the Webmaster of, payable in a bank in Canada.

Any Question: Please Click here!

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